Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Well despite my last post saying I was going to post more - I didn't!!  I've been drifting a little the last few months, for no particular reason other than sometimes it happens.  I've read a lot and have rediscovered my love for cross stitch so I guess some things have happened.  Christmas came and went and then in came 2013 - which is moving just as quick as last year and I can't believe it is March already.  My daughter turned 11 last week and also found out which high school she will be going to in September.  We worked really hard last year towards her passing an entrance exam for a grammer school, which she did and luckily, even though we don't live in the catchment area she has been offered a place in that school - I'm so proud!
Have carried on using my filofax - I have been using my personal malden for the past few months but just this week have moved back into my A5 Chameleon.  It is obviously bigger and after just a few days it is stuffed full of stuff and if I'm not careful will not be practical in terms of carrying around every day.  I like to use different coloured pens in my planner and have a selection in a pencil case but my bag is getting so heavy it is ridiculous - if anyone has any tips on nice multi-colour pens I would appreciate it.  I have the Bic 4 colour pen with the purple, green, pink and light blue which I like but haven't found any others that do interesting colours.
In this quest to find another pen, I found myself in staples today.  I did pick up some pens but not what I had planned.  I also bought some other bits that I didn't really need but that's the danger of going into somewhere like Staples.
Here is what I bought today:

I like these pens - quite fine nibs but good
A little notebook for my daughter - cute!
Martha Stewart bits and pieces - big fan of these and had 40% off!
All togther
I was happy with my little haul although I was also after some nice notebooks - a little like exercise books but with nice paper and covers.  I didn't find anything so I think it is going to have to be an internet search.
I really am going to make an effort to do more with this - even if no-one is reading it, I like to have somewhere to put record the little details in my life :-)



  1. I love the Colleto multi pens (I get mine online at jet pens) as you choose exact;y the colours you wabt and can have 2, 3, 4 or even 5 colours in one barrel

  2. I had no idea that they did Martha Stewart stuff in the UK, perhaps my branch of Staples is just too small.

    Susan Sharpe

  3. I have looked at the coleto pens Swatibee - got as far as choosing the colours and putting them in the basket - I obviously need to get to the checkout stage! Susansharpeceramics - you can order the Martha Stewart stuff on line and there are discounts at the moment - worth a look ;-)