Sunday, 9 September 2012

My Malden Week #1

Here is the seperate post that I mentioned in the previous one - this provides a look at my personal Malden week.  I use this planner at the weekend - I love my Chameleon but I really don't want to have to lug it round with me at the weekend.  The issue that I have had with using a different filofax at the weekend is that the week can look really bare and I don't like that.  Then along came 365/30 Lists - a facebook page for Philofaxers which gives a list topic for each day of the month.  This started in September and if you follow everything filofax, then I am sure it is something that you will have come across - if not, here is the link to the facebook page:

Filofax 365/30 Group

I decided this was just what I needed for my Malden during the week to make sure it was used everyday.  I tend to sit down for 5 or 10 mintues at the end of the day and make my list, it is really nice to have even that small amount of 'me' time.  At the weekend, I can spend a little longer thinking about it and it's ideal to take to my local Starbucks for a coffee and quality time with Malden! 

Work Week #1

There are a number of blogs that I enjoy reading that have a regular post which gives an overview of their filofax week.  As all the best ideas are commonly replicated, I am going to do the same and provide an overview of both my work week, which I use my A5 Chameleon and in a seperate post I will also provide a look at my personal Malden which I use mainly at weekends.

This is my work week - there was quite a lot of empty space this week, not because I wasn't busy but simply because I didn't have too many appointments.  I find that I have to fill the empty space but I've not even been very successful at that this week!

I really feel that I need to be neater and pay more
attention when writing things down.  I accidently
put in two appointments for Tuesday when they were
actually for Wednesday!

As you can see, losts of white space on the half.  Must
do better next week!

Monday, 3 September 2012

Well here it is......

The official olympics 2012 filofax organiser.  I bought this after reading a post on the Philofaxy Facebook page - Staples had them on sale and I just can't resist a bargain.  The truth is I have no need for a new filofax but when there is a massive £28 saving, who can say no?! Considering it isn't leather I actually quite like how it feels.  Here come the pictures - I've had a bit of trouble with formatting tonight so it is a bit out in places:

Front and back - I would have preferred the blue one but the pink is quite nice.  It isn't as bubblegummy as in this picture but the light wasn't great when I took the picture.

The diary sheets during the olympics are a day per page.

On the non-olympic dates the diary goes to a week on one page with a page on the right that could be used for any sort of notes.

Lots of information pages about events both for olympics and paralympics.

Notes pages

Dividers - I'm not a big fan of them being pre-printed as I like to be able to decide how to divide things myself

Probably worth the £4 by itself is the today page marker - I really like it!

Inside front cover

The pictures are a little out of order but hopefully you can see enough of the planner.  I really have no idea what I will use it for and am contemplating giving it to my daughter to try and encourage her to be more organised and create some good habits but can I bring myself to pass it over?  Ummmm....not sure!