Sunday, 9 September 2012

Work Week #1

There are a number of blogs that I enjoy reading that have a regular post which gives an overview of their filofax week.  As all the best ideas are commonly replicated, I am going to do the same and provide an overview of both my work week, which I use my A5 Chameleon and in a seperate post I will also provide a look at my personal Malden which I use mainly at weekends.

This is my work week - there was quite a lot of empty space this week, not because I wasn't busy but simply because I didn't have too many appointments.  I find that I have to fill the empty space but I've not even been very successful at that this week!

I really feel that I need to be neater and pay more
attention when writing things down.  I accidently
put in two appointments for Tuesday when they were
actually for Wednesday!

As you can see, losts of white space on the half.  Must
do better next week!

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