Monday, 3 September 2012

Well here it is......

The official olympics 2012 filofax organiser.  I bought this after reading a post on the Philofaxy Facebook page - Staples had them on sale and I just can't resist a bargain.  The truth is I have no need for a new filofax but when there is a massive £28 saving, who can say no?! Considering it isn't leather I actually quite like how it feels.  Here come the pictures - I've had a bit of trouble with formatting tonight so it is a bit out in places:

Front and back - I would have preferred the blue one but the pink is quite nice.  It isn't as bubblegummy as in this picture but the light wasn't great when I took the picture.

The diary sheets during the olympics are a day per page.

On the non-olympic dates the diary goes to a week on one page with a page on the right that could be used for any sort of notes.

Lots of information pages about events both for olympics and paralympics.

Notes pages

Dividers - I'm not a big fan of them being pre-printed as I like to be able to decide how to divide things myself

Probably worth the £4 by itself is the today page marker - I really like it!

Inside front cover

The pictures are a little out of order but hopefully you can see enough of the planner.  I really have no idea what I will use it for and am contemplating giving it to my daughter to try and encourage her to be more organised and create some good habits but can I bring myself to pass it over?  Ummmm....not sure!


  1. I enjoyed reading your blog!
    Also, don't give away your Filofax , Until you get another one!
    I am not working, am disabled and rarely leave my house---but I have lots of them and just enjoy the different ways I have found to use them!
    Great Blog!

  2. That is good advice and a good excuse for a new addition! Thanks for the lovely comments :-