Saturday, 11 August 2012

My Chameleon

I thought I would show you my filofax.  This is my A5 Chameleon that I use during the week for work - although I do also have personal things in it.  I use a personal Malden at the weekend as it is lighter to carry around, so I do have to keep them both updated.

The leather has what look like little hearts on it.

This is what I see when I open it up.  The picture is from a birthday
card that I liked so I put it in here.  I have some Martha Stewart tabs
in the card slots along with some stamps. 

This is a month on a page that I printed myself.  It just
gives me an overview.

Birthday list that I made.

I'm using the filofax dividers but have put my own
icons on them.  I have To Do, Notes, Financial,
Fitness, Books and Diary

This is a page from behind the notes divider.

This is a to do list, I'm using the filofax to do lists but am not
a big fan but I have them so will use them.

This is how I keep track of my finances - generally more going out
than coming in!

Behind my fitness tab - I'm trying to lose weight so I like to keep
track on what exercise I do. 

Still under the fitness tab - this is my slimming world food
diary.  If I don't write what I eat down, I forget!

This is my books tab.  I like to make a note of books that I would
like to read so that I don't forget.

Then it is my diary.  This is a week for a few weeks ago.  I use
the Wo2P at the moment.  I've tried to have a Do1P but I like
to see my whole week in front of me.

I just have some spare paper in the back at the moment.  During
the week I generally have my kindle slotted in here but it is in my
Malden at the moment.

Standing up.  The pens I have are 2 uniball in red and blue and
a pilot frixion.

Last picture.

I really love the chameleon and enjoy using it.  I'm not entirely happy with the set up but it is doing an ok job for now.  I think set ups are always evolving and changing so I'm not bothered that it isn't quite right - it's fun to try different ways of working.


  1. Lovely setup! Would love to see your Malden setup too. I just bought an A5 Chameleon in aqua, and also have a personal size Malden in vintage pink. I also track my food & exercise in my Filofax. :)

  2. Hi Tammy!

    I wanna do the same with a chameleon in red that I orderd yesterday.

    Greets from germany

  3. Thanks for the comments. I will do a Malden post soon - I do love the Malden! I nearly went for the red but the raspberry won me over :)